iFluidics stands for Integrated Fluidics, inc. We are developing a technology that has the potential to revolutionize the performance of lab assays and automated diagnostics.

Our first product puts intelligence into the ubiquitous plastic microplate.

The iPlate™  means more sensitive, accurate, faster, and cost effective assays combined with Big-Data  analytics. This provides deep insight into patient health statuses and fits with the world’s current healthcare trends of inexpensive, preventative and personalized medicine. Lab assays are fundamental to both life science research and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and medical disorders. But they are often slow and expensive.

The iPlate™ improves mixing without requiring the addition of anything in the wells. By improving mixing we can speed up reactions so tests take less time and enable the use of smaller fluid volumes.  

This is the first major microplate innovation in decades and the first model-based analytics platform. Two patents have been issued for the iPlate™s technology.



The iPlateTM conforms to industry standard dimensions. Therefore iPlatesTM are fully compatible with existing laboratory dispensing, handling, storage, and interpretation equipment.


iFluidics provides high-performance, ultra-low-volume assay platforms for the life sciences. Use of the iPlate System adds one step to existing processes – electrokinetic mixing – while eliminating a cumbersome step – the need for storage in a much slower diffusion mixing practice.


Our patent-pending systems enable precisely controlled mixing, separation, transport, concentration and chemical reaction.

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